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State-of-the-art bioresonance devices developed by doctors and therapists with decades of experience:
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Good to know: Holosan is available in over 100 clinics in Austria!
More in Germany, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Portugal, Denmark, Italy,Japan Thailand and the United Arab Emirates - Dubai.

The state-of-the-art HOLOSAN® therapy equipment

We present: Holosan® SingleMatik for practitioners and therapists, Holosan® Professional for doctors, Holosan® Veterinary for veterinary doctors as well as Food Check and WaveVital-Box for private users and athletes.

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Who's behind HOLOSAN®

The Holosan® devices were designed by the two bioresonance practitioners Doz. Ing. Johannes Schreyer and Mag. Christof Ruby developed in collaboration with doctors.

The Bioresonance Academy

Since 2013, Christof Ruby and other bioresonance experts have been teaching at the Bioresonance Academy, which is now also available as online training.

Experience reports

What users have to say

Many bioresonance practitioners, therapists and doctors enjoy working with Holosan® devices. Here are some of their experiences:

Martina Neunteufl

HOLOSAN® practitioner

Martina Neunteufl

I am enthusiastic about HOLOSAN Bioresonance because the training takes place in small groups and therefore everyone can ask any questions and all questions are always answered in detail. The cooperation with my colleagues is excellent - together we are strong! We are constantly in contact and exchange ideas.

The HOLOSAN bioresonance device is easy to use and understandable for users. With the new SingleMatic test method, I can very quickly determine the cause of the disruption in the energy flow and also treat it very specifically. Due to the precise testing and treatment, the health balance is mostly restored after just a few sessions. My patients are very happy! I am enthusiastic about the constant technical development. If you are trained at the HOLOSAN Bioresonance Institute, where there is also such good cooperation, then you can count yourself really lucky.

I can only recommend HOLOSAN to everyone, both as a client and as a therapist. THANKS to all my trainers and colleagues!!

Jürgen Lueger

HOLOSAN® practitioner

Jürgen Lueger

Unglaubliche Fortschritte erzielt Wir sind mit unserem Sohn aufgrund von Neurodermitis, Allergien und einer Sprachentwicklungsverzögerung in Behandlung bei Herrn Lueger. Wir haben zuvor schon vieles ausprobiert. Durch die Behandlung bei Herrn Lueger haben wir tolle Fortschritte in der Sprachentwicklung erzielt. Auch eine Hautstelle, die seit einem 3/4 Jahr nicht zuheilte, ist jetzt nahezu komplett verheilt. Wir sind aktuell in der Mitte der Behandlung. Wir haben die Hoffnung, dass sich noch vieles mehr bessern wird und sind dennoch schon jetzt sehr zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen.

Kathi Till

HOLOSAN® practitioner

Katharina Till

This year I was able to observe many horses with various skin/nettle rashes. After a few bioresonance applications, in which I mainly treated food intolerance, insect bite allergies and the detoxification organs, most of them no longer had a skin reaction and the horses were more relaxed overall. I am particularly pleased about the career of a long-distance sport horse with massive respiratory problems. Allergies and COPD were suspected. This made it difficult for the horse-rider couple to complete the training and competitions. We were able to greatly improve the chronic cough and difficult breathing using bioresonance and optimal feed adjustment, especially in the allergy season. The horse is now starting its first 100km distance and both rider and horse take turns wearing the Wave Vital Box!

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