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The Bioresonance Academy

Anyone who would like to be trained as a bioresonance practitioner can do so in the Bioresonance Academy, which Mag. Christof Ruby founded with the bioresonance expert Mag. Manuela Walland and Mag. Julia Schreyer. 

Since 2013, training for people in the health professions has been offered here.

Medizinische Leitung durch Dr. med. Kerstin Kretschmann.

About the training

The online Bioresonance Academy

  • The holistic Holosan method is used for teaching.
  • There is also the option of further training via online distance learning. Otherwise, the place of training is the practice of Schreyer and Ruby in 1190 Vienna.
  • The duration depends on the previous knowledge. It is usually two to four semesters. If you are a doctor, on-site training may be sufficient - just ask.
  • Free monthly online information evening: all questions will be answered here! If you are interested, please contact us 

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