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HOLOSAN® SingleMatik quant

Our most comprehensive bioresonance device for diagnosis and therapy with a particularly strong therapeutic effect.
Easy to use

Just a few years ago, a tensor or pendulum was needed for testing in the bioresonance. It took a lot of practice and sensitivity to get them right - and the results were inaccurate. In SingleMatik, the device performs this task.

Reproducible results

Because there is no more tensor in play, sources of error are reduced to the maximum. This means that the diagnosis is the same when two different people are testing. It also agrees with school medical diagnoses.

Remote control measurement

The practitioner only needs to attach two electrodes to the patient; measured via SingleMatik remote control. Because a distance of up to three meters can be maintained, the use of the device is unproblematic even in times of Covid 19. Further advantages: The acupuncture points do not tire and the therapist can distinguish himself energetically from the patient.

Reduced to the essentials

SingleMatik has no unnecessary extras or gimmicks. While other devices have integrated up to 20,000 frequencies, Holosan® SingleMatik has about 9,500. Why is this so? As practitioners, we know that many frequencies are unnecessary and only incur additional costs. What is needed is a basis for proven basic frequencies - and to enable users to integrate medicines and naturopathic preparations with which they wish to work. The special feature of Holosan® is also that there is a large portfolio of frequencies for the autoimmune theme and psyche.

Optimized software based on more than 20 years of experience

Our application programs are the result of many years of experience. Because the needs of our clients are constantly changing, we are constantly developing the software. Regular updates with new frequencies are free of charge.

Customizable software

If you still need additional frequencies, we can digitize and integrate them for you.

We would be pleased to show you Holosan SingleMatik in form of an online presentation. Simply contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you!

About the product

HOLOSAN® SingleMatik quant

Fast testing and therapy: both are possible with HOLOSAN® SingleMatik quant. This is why it is the most popular device among bioresonance practitioners and therapists. Meanwhile, more and more doctors who are interested in alternative medicine are using it. The SingleMatik device is state-of-the-art and works with a patented, innovative measuring method that is very easy to learn.

New times, new needs.

The allergy burden has grown immensely in recent years; migraines, autoimmune reactions and intolerances are also increasing. Devices that were in use 10 or 15 years ago are no longer up-to-date. Therefore, our devices have an increased therapeutic effect and can help in these and many other cases. Due to the stronger therapy effect, faster therapy successes with fewer sessions are also possible.
In addition, the therapy does not have to be carried out close to the body: our device can therefore also be used in times of Covid 19. A big advantage that other devices do not have.

Testing with the Holosan adhesive electrodes without pendulum and tensor. Twice as fast for better results!


Technical details: EAV measuring system according to official standards of IMGEAV (International Medical Society for Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll) for diagnostic measurement and evaluation according to EAV standards and testing of various products, incompatibilities or electronic noise measurement with HOLOSAN insight software:

Schumann frequency

individually adjustable

Modified therapy strength

6 levels selectable

Software controlled

approx. 9,500 vibrations

Digitize vibrations

integrate them into software

Duo plate therapy

2 treatments at the same time

Proven measuring method according to

Dr. Voll

Vibrations updated: RIFE, 8 Hz, COVID-19 Virus, Impfstoffe Pfizer Biontech, Astrazeneca

year 2021

  • Reading of vibration patterns into the HOLOSAN insight software
  • Nosodes, food, bacteria, secretions - test via integrated input plate and transfer option to patient, medium, globulis, therapy chip
  • Integrated therapy chip charging
  • Integrated input and output plates for test and medication transfer by direct transfer
  • Direct and inverse switching
  • Frequency range up to 1,000,000 Hz, high and low pass for acute and degenerative treatment

What kind of funding is there?

Wir haben für HOLOSAN® SingleMatik ein Leasingangebot ab 340,- € pro Monat. Lizenzgebühren verrechnen wir keine. Lieferung, Inbetriebnahme und Einschulung sind innerhalb der EU ebenso im Preis enthalten.

Delivery within the EU free of charge.


Holosan® neck pillow for therapy application, transport case, application programs, laptop or table top PC, 3 therapy chips, 1 WaveVital Box, 48 adhesive electrodes, magnetic field measuring device

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