For veterinarians

Holosan® Veterinary

Animals can also be diagnosed and treated using bioresonance. Latest development: hair analysis.
The great advantage of Holosan® Veterinary SingleMatik for bioresonance practitioners and veterinarians

Is the possibility of remote diagnosis by means of hair analysis: It is sufficient for the animal owner to send in some hair from the fur of the animal to be examined. The animal itself does not have to be present. With the help of Holosan® SingleMatik, the vet or bioresonance therapist can analyze the hair and make a diagnosis. Treatment can then be conservative with medication or alternatively with bioresonance therapy. In addition to diagnosis, SingleMatik also enables therapy, while Holosan® Professional can only be used for therapy.

Especially for sport horses or racing camels: WaveVital Vet.

For horse owners there is also the option of using WaveVital Vet: A handy and powerful bioresonance device that allows large-area transmission of therapeutic frequencies. WaveVital Vet is ideally suited for horses whose performance, fitness and well-being should be increased. Horse owners can also use it without prior testing, because the therapy program stored on it was specially developed for the needs of horses. It is easy and intuitive to use - and does not require any prior knowledge.

The Holosan Sport Concept was developed for sport horses to get even better performance.
After using it for a month, many owners report less sweating, a faster resting heart rate, less stress and generally more willingness to exercise, e.g. in interval sprints or in competitions.
Our specialists for sport horses will be happy to advise you.

Holosan not only offers a lot of know-how in the therapy of pets such as dogs and cats for veterinarians and animal therapists, but is also active in international horse racing. Among other things, we look after the Slovakian World Cup team in Bratislava.

About the product

Holosan® Veterinary

Many veterinarians are confronted more and more often with four-legged patients who suffer from very similar civilization diseases and mental disorders as humans - from food allergies to stress to recurring infections.

With the help of bioresonance, not only humans but also animals can be diagnosed and treated. That is why two of our products are also suitable for bioresonance therapists and veterinarians: HOLOSAN® SingleMatik can be used by therapists and veterinarians for diagnosis and treatment eingesetzt werden, HOLOSAN® Professional is purely a therapy device for veterinarians.

What kind of funding is there?

We have a leasing offer for HOLOSAN® Veterinär from 280,- € and 150,- € per month. We do not charge royalties. Delivery, commissioning and training are also included in the price.

Delivery within the EU free of charge.

The use of Holosan® devices in animals

Read the article "Gentle therapy for strong animals" about the use of Holosan® devices in horses and small animals

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Holosan® Veterinary

Are you interested in the animal therapy product Holosan® Veterinary? We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer your questions.

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