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WaveVital Mobil

Energy-to-go: WaveVital Mobil is the smallest bioresonance device in the world. Ideal for home and on the go.

Allergic reactions to pollen, grasses and so on can be weakened and in the best case no longer show up with the Anti-Allergy program of the WaveVital mobil.


If you are struggeling with frequent headaches or migraines, you will benefit from our "Clear Head" program.


You are stressed and therefore have a weakened immune system? Get you power back with our "Full Energy" program!


We developed our "full concentration" program for everyone who is having problems concentrating.


The negative effects of electro smog will be neutralized by WaveVital mobil anti-electrosmog.

A sophisticated mix of frequencies, the effect of which you can feel immediately. Wait a minute! Frequencies that you can feel? That’s right!

About the product

WaveVital Mobil

It is the smallest and lightest bioresonance device in the world and ideal for use at home and on the go: HOLOSAN® WaveVital Mobil: If you want to increase your well-being, you can do this very easily with WaveVital Mobil. WaveVital Mobil is also suitable for small animals.

The device is available in five versions. Each of them has a specific focus: from allergies to headaches and migraines, immune system and vitality to poor concentration and electrosmog. WaveVital Mobil is very easy and intuitive to use - basically you only need to switch it on and carry it with you. In your trouser pocket, breast pocket or jacket. Details about the product can be found on the WaveVital Mobil website.

What kind of funding is there?

HOLOSAN® WaveVital Plus ist nicht über Leasing finanzierbar. Mehr Informationen bitte direkt anfragen.

Delivery within the EU free of charge.

WaveVital Mobil

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Product details

Details about the product can be found on the WaveVital Mobil website.

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