For doctors

HOLOSAN® Professional

The ideal therapy device for medical practices, which can also be operated easily by assistants and other medical staff.
Ready-made therapy programs

These are fed in using a memory card or as an upgrade via the laptop.

Prescription ability

Doctors themselves can prescribe bioresonance treatments, and the costs are covered by private insurance.

Simple delegation

Because the method and handling are so easy to learn, they can also be taught to others within a very short time. The person who then carries out the therapy does not need any special training.

The ideal complement to conventional medicine

Doctors can make the diagnosis, as always, using the blood test or other classic methods and then prescribe appropriate treatment with Holosan® Professional, during which they do not have to be present themselves.

There is almost no additional work for doctors. You don't even have to be there.

About the product

HOLOSAN® Professional

The needs and concerns of patients have changed: Many turn to complementary medicine when conservative therapies and treatments do not have the desired effect. Many try to avoid taking pills and medication regularly, and some of the contemporary mood disorders and chronic illnesses cannot be adequately treated with conventional medical methods. The call for alternative medical treatments is getting louder. Doctors are also being approached more and more frequently by their patients.

For these and other reasons, bioresonance is a booming method in the healthcare market. This has also been recognized by private insurance companies, many of which have been paying for bioresonance therapy for several years. Bioresonance therapy has been available for prescription and recognized as a method in Austria since 2016. Their effect in relation to the treatment of allergies was confirmed in a court judgment 2015 in Munich. It is a holistic therapy - and the trend is clearly towards holism: In this context, the German Future Institute speaks of "Healthyness"- "the search for strength and vital energy"

For these reasons we developed Holosan® Professional: a therapy device for the doctor's office.The big advantage for doctors? They can offer their patients an alternative method of treatment if conservative therapies are ineffective or if there is no satisfactory conventional medical treatment option for the respective clinical picture.

However, Holosan® Professional is not a diagnostic device - the diagnosis, as usual, is made by the doctor. Only the therapy runs through the device. And that is also the second major advantage: The device is so easy to use that the assistants can take care of it. There is almost no additional work for doctors. You don't even have to be there.


  • Modified therapy strength
  • Frequency range up to 1,000,000 Hz, high and low pass for acute and degenerative treatment
  • Proven therapy programs included
  • Duo plate therapy
  • 3 levels selectable
  • 2 treatments at the same time

What kind of funding is there?

What kind of financing is there? We have a leasing offer for Holosan® Professional from 150,- € per month. We do not charge any license fees. Delivery, commissioning and training are also included in the price.

Delivery within the EU free of charge.

Treatment Process

You can read about how a treatment works here on our bioresonance page, where you can find comprehensive information about the areas of application and functionality of bioresonance.

Bioresonance page


Holosan® neck pillow for therapy application, transport case, application programs, upgrade to laptop possible.

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